Northern Alaska
2019  SEASON
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Northern Alaska
GAME: Brown Bear           Wolf Moose    Wolverine Grizzly Bear
AREA: On the North Slope of Brooks Range, Arctic North has 32,000 square miles of guiding territory.  All hunting is done on foot from base and fly-out spike camps.  The camps are located in prime game country with many animals being taken within one-half mile of camp.
When hunting the Brooks Range, you go by Wright’s Air Service from Fairbanks to the village of Anatuvik Pass. Currently, this fare is $400.  Luggage allowance is 40 lbs.    and $.80 per lb. for excess.
There is a permanent, wood-frame cabin that is furnished with bunks, generator, sleeping pads, and hot and cold running water, showers and kerosene heaters.  A full time cook prepares great food and lots of it.  Considering you are 300 miles inside the Arctic Circle, it is deluxe.
  Alaska’s general hunting license $ 170                           Fishing License $ 230
Tag Fee Brown or Grizzly Bear $1000
Tag Fee Dall Sheep $ 850  
Tag Wolf $ 600   
Tag Wolverine $ 350
SUCCESS: This outfit is very well known for taking quality trophies over the last 30 years. Success on grizzly, moose, and caribou over the past 25 years has been excellent. Grizzly are hunted in the fall only.   In 30 years of guiding, they have not had any clients not have an opportunity to take their game, with weather permitting.  All 8 grizzly hunters usually score grizzly.  Phil Byrd purchased this area from legendary outfitter Dennis Reiner over 16 years ago.
PACKAGES: Rifle and Archery hunting are both available, as is excellent incidental fishing for char and grayling. Moose season is open.  No better place to take grizzly.  No sheep or caribou hunting.
Alaska Peninsula – Unit 9 – May and October   Brown Bear$ 23,900
Western Alaska
7 day Fall Black Bear   $ 6,000
10 day Fall Brown Bea / Black Bear $ 19,000
Fall Brown Bear $ 18,000
Moose $ 21,000
Kodiak Island
5 day Sea Duck $ 4,500

  Alaska Range Brown Bear         April/May                      $16,500