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Over the last 5 years we have seen a great deal of interest in hunts for dangerous animals. Actually, our percentage of dangerous game hunts have increased. accordinglyn we offer this flyer covering dangerous game.

GRIZZLY BEAR - Offered in Alaska on a 10-day hunt on the North Slope of the Brooks Range. Priced at $12,500 and add a Carabou at $2,500. Stay til you kill. Also offered in Yukon, the NWT and British Columbia.

BROWN BEAR - Offered in Alaska only and found within 75 miles of the coast. This coastal location allows a diet strong in salmon giving massive size to these bears. Kodiak Island is home to the largest of the bears. Our 12-day hunt is at #17,000. This outfitting company is over 60 years old and is one of the best. The Alaskan peninsula, unit 9, is home to brown bear hunting in the spring in even years, and the fall in odd years, offered through numerous outfitters and priced from $14,000 to $22,500. We also offer bear hunts at $16,000. Dangerous bear hunts are called 90% sheer boredom and 10% sheer terror. You may sit for hours glassing for a bear.

POLAR BEAR - A CITES appendix 1 animal. This cannot be imported into the U.S.This bear is hunted out of the NWT of Canada in February, March and early April. This 12-day hunt requires two guides nfor each hunter and is priced at $21,500 to $32,000.

LEOPARD - Offered in several African Nations. We offer this at $900 per daqy. A 12-day Leopard hunt in Zimbabwe is $18,200 including trophy fees.

LION - In Tanzania lion must be hunted with leopard. The trophy fee and hunt run near $70,000. In Zimbabwe we offer this at $55,000 including trophy feeson 18-days. In South Africa, a lion raised in captivity can be hunted for $20,000and a lioness can be hunted at $6,000.

CAPE BUFFALO - We hunt Cape Buffalo in several countries. Our Zimbabwe buffalo hunt with trophy feesw is $13,000 on a 7-day basis. In South Africa our best package is $19,500 and includes buffalo, sable and clund on a 9-day package including all fees.

ELEPHANT - Recently all elephant hunting is closed in Botswana, as is all hunting there. Weoffer elephant in Zimbabwe at $23,950 all inclusive to $8,600 for a tuskless bull.

RHINO - Darting 27" or 28" - Rhino hunting is permitted in South Africa. To hunt rhino is a $50,000 trophy fee for a 24'-26' rhino. To dart a rhino the cost is $10,000.

SOUTH AFRICA CAPE BUFFALO HUNT .4 day / 5 night Cape Buffalo Safari, including: - 5 nights full board accommodation in one of our premium lodge - Fully licensed PH and his team services for 4 full hunting days - Trophy fee of one Buffalo per hunter - All transportation from / to East London airport (ELS) - All relevant taxes and permit Not included: - Additional hunting day (recommended to hunt extra species) - Trophy fees of any additional animals (lots of species available) - Taxidermy work and shipping of trophies - Tips and personal expenses TOTAL COST $11,500. PLEASE GIVE US A CALL