Artic Aventures 2
`                       2017  SEASON
200 w. Main Street, Mechanicsburg, PA  17055
(717) 766-0789 e-mail:
GAME:           Polar Bear, Muskox, Wolf
SEASON;       Polar bear are hunted office during mid-February, March, April and early May. 
Muskox can be hunted in August, September & October in the fall or March, April or May.  Wolf can be added to any program or hunted spot in March.
TRAVEL:       Travel is never easy in the Arctic, nor is it inexpensive.  There are several air carriers that offer service to these remote villages, usually taking a minimum of two days each way.  Hunt originated in Ulukhatok, formerly known as Village of Holman.  This area is on Victoria Island, and borders Banks Island, has the largest population of muskox in the world.
SUCCESS:     Success is very high on all species.  The Polar bear is priced at $27,000 on a 14-day hunt basis.  The muskox is a 5-7 day hunt and priced at $5,500.  A non-hunter is $3,000.  Success is assured and David’s allotment of muskox is 30 tags. Wolf hunts are $6,000 and muskox hunt trophy fee is $3,000.
HUNTS:         Cost of license and tags not included in hunt prices, nor are harvest fees for animals taken.  In some cases, a second muskox can be taken on a trophy fee basis.

You travel by snow machine or dogsled and housing is in tent camps or igloo, your preference.  You travel over the frozen sea ice on snow machine or a permanent sled pulled by the snow machine.  Polar bear hunt must be finished using the dog teams